We love a challenge

About Us

We love digging into hard problems. The kind where the answer isn’t immediately clear. The kind where it’s necessary for people to work together to find a solution.

Those solutions usually involve technology, but we see ourselves as problem solvers first and technologists second.

Our people

Software exists to serve people, and it’s people that we care about the most

We’re a group of designers, developers, project managers, and usability experts. Regardless of our areas of expertise, we all work to nurture meaningful and productive relationships with our partners, and to craft beautiful software for their users. From designing and testing a user interface, to communicating project status, to investing in our team, we care.

We feel privileged to put our skills to use as we help to build businesses and create amazing things. It’s challenging to do what we do, but we have fun while we do it. In the end, the only thing we love more than a challenge is helping others meet theirs.

Meet our team

A bit of history

So, why name the company after a mountain in Alaska?

Foraker Labs takes its name from Mt. Foraker in Alaska. It is nestled in the Alaska Range in Denali National Park, and at 17,400 feet, is the third highest peak in the United States. Stirling Olson, Founder and President of Foraker Labs, first became acquainted with the mountain in 1996 while climbing on its giant neighbor, Denali.

Foraker Labs was founded with that "mountain in the distance" in mind -- a challenge to accept, a vision to achieve, and something beautiful to behold.

Inspired by his Alaskan adventure in ’96, Stirling started what became "Foraker Design" three years later in 1999 from his home office in New York. In 2004, after establishing an east coast presence (and a roster of clients we're still proud to call partners today), Stirling relocated the business to sunny Boulder, Colorado where it thrives as "Foraker Labs." A picture of Mount Foraker hangs in our conference room, reminding us to feed the rat and climb to new heights.

Our culture

Moving Fast, Kicking Ass, Having Fun

Our company culture is informal, our communication lines are open, and we enjoy the time we spend together at the office. As we grow, we’re looking for people that share our passion for building great software in a fun, fast-paced environment.

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