Ignite Boulder

Six of us from Foraker Labs headed downtown last evening to be entertained, educated, and elbowed by our fellow tech weenies at Ignite Boulder 6.

The format: 14 slideshows, 20 slides each, 15 seconds per slide (that’s 5 minutes per slideshow, for you literary types).

The result? Lots of crowd interaction, a healthy dose of ad-libbing, plenty of laughter, and some truly amazing presentations.

We’ll never look at a dollop of whipped cream quite the same way after hearing Jen Yu’s presentation on Food Porn.

We had no idea Swedish was such a useful and easy-to-learn language. Thanks Jen Newell! (Bork bork bork).

Sari Levy helped us understand the hidden energy potential in all of us that makes the United States the “Saudi Arabia of Cellulite”. Energy independence here we come!

If you have any sense, you’ll find a way to attend the next Ignite Boulder. Really.

We need to go rent Ghost Busters now…

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