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Working in Ruby on Rails has many benefits, but one of the most important is that both the language and the framework are open source. In addition to being able to peer under the covers, you get the contributions of the community continuing to push the development forward, figuring out bugs, and ensuring that the code meets appropriate standards.

Foraker’s Open Source Contributions

We’re proud to have numerous repositories available for public consumption and participation. We’ll cover a few here, but to see all our contributions, check out Foraker on GitHub.

Ruby Gems

We have several gems published, which you can review on RubyGems, but here’s a synopsis:

TinyMCE Equation Editor Plugin

We’re proud to introduce our newest open source project, a TinyMCE equation editor plugin. It was pulled out of work we performed for a client, and we anticipate people who find it useful extending it to meet their own needs and contributing back if they believe their extensions could benefit others. It would not have been possible without another open source project, MathQuill, which is a terrific JavaScript library for rich text math editing.


While Marionette is very popular for simplifying building Backbone applications, we wanted something less heavy weight that fit our needs more precisely. Thus, Traction was born. We hope others will find it fits their needs as well.

Everything Else

Again, to see all our gems, check out RubyGems and to see all our open source code, check out GitHub.

We like to contribute everything we can back to the development community and maintain transparency, so we’ve opened up things like our holiday app written in Meteor [source] and our developer reading list.

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