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Application Development

Open Source at Foraker: April 2016 Edition

It’s been almost two years since our first post detailing our open source contributions, so it’s time for an update. Ruby Gems Since most of our work is done in Ruby on Rails, we end up extracting a lot of shared functionality into gems. This enables... Read more »

Software Developer

Examining Slow Queries with Explain Analyze in PostgreSQL

Rails removes much of the pain from coding database interactions, but this does not mean that developers can ignore the implications of unoptimized queries, which under normal circumstances manifest themselves as a sluggish experience for users. Slow... Read more »

Testing Active Record-based Modules

As Rails developers, Active Record plays a very large role in our applications. Active Record models often share a lot of behavior that can be extracted into modules, which are built on top of, and rely on, Active Record behavior. Here we will discuss... Read more »

How I (Briefly) Authored the Initial Commit of Every Ember CLI Project

Every Ember CLI app’s initial commit is generated with a pretty sweet ASCII picture of Tomster. It looks like this: _..., ,:^;,...; ... Read more »

A Brief Introduction to Elixir

It is common knowledge that processors stopped improving around 10 years ago. Since then manufacturers have increased computing power by adding more processors rather than faster ones. Unfortunately, some of our favorite programming languages are not... Read more »