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5 Tips (for clients) To Help Keep Your Software Project On Budget

This is probably not your first time hearing this (especially if you’ve built software before), but it bears repeating: software projects are notorious for being delivered late and over budget. Successful software development is a process of discovery... Read more »

Competing in the Future Is All About Experience

One of my favorite authors today is Ben Thompson at Stratechery. Reading Ben’s smart take on markets, technology and business is a daily ritual for me as a happy subscriber. A trend in his writing over the past year has been how a focus on user experience... Read more »

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A simple recipe for building a successful software Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Building software is hard. There are libraries full of books detailing the failures and lessons learned. These days, the “lean” concept of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is all the rage in the software startup world but is still greatly misunderstood... Read more »