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Open Source

Open Source at Foraker: April 2016 Edition

It’s been almost two years since our first post detailing our open source contributions, so it’s time for an update. Ruby Gems Since most of our work is done in Ruby on Rails, we end up extracting a lot of shared functionality into gems. This enables... Read more »

Founder & President

Heroku-scaler: An open source tool for scaling Heroku web dynos on a schedule

Heroku is a great tool for hosting web applications. At Foraker Labs, we build web and mobile apps using tools like Ruby on Rails. Heroku is a fantastic place for hosting Ruby on Rails applications or the infrastructure (like APIs) for mobile apps... Read more »

Ruby Test Suite: Profiling Your Rspec Suite

Your RSpec test suite will degrade over time. As it endures the introduction of feature after feature, entropy takes hold. Innocent additions and minor neglect can have pernicious effects. Read more »

Enumerated Types in ActiveRecord

A common programming language feature is an “enum” type, or enumerated type, which is simply a static list of values. Read more »

Open Source at Foraker

Open Source World Working in Ruby on Rails has many benefits, but one of the most important is that both the language and the framework are open source. In addition to being able to peer under the covers, you get the contributions of the community... Read more »