2016: The Year of the Foraker

This year at Foraker, our New Year’s Resolution is to be even more awesome. We have already made great strides toward this goal by moving into a shiny, new office! We are now headquartered at 1216 Pearl Street, right in the middle of the Pearl Street Mall.

Our view of the Flatirons from the new office

Our new location has a lot of perks! We have increased visibility in a popular, pedestrian-heavy area, an inspiring view of the Flatirons, plenty of fresh options for lunch and happy hour, and access to Boulder’s Ecopass Program. Pearl Street is known as the heart of Boulder; our office is surrounded by busy shoppers and local businesses. Walking down the street, I can feel the coffee-fueled energy and community pride. While our view of the Flatirons can occasionally inspire a mid-afternoon daydream of escaping into the wilderness, it also serves as a reminder of our constant drive to reach new personal and professional heights.

A calm morning on the brick-paved Pearl Street Mall

Of course, I can’t talk about the Pearl Street Mall without mentioning its plethora of local eateries, which range from greasy to gourmet. Since moving to the new office, we have enjoyed several team lunches at local hotspots such as Sushi Zanmai and The Kitchen Next Door. We have also been a little more adventurous, sampling a few of the local street vendors. This includes Freddie’s Hot Dogs, a small one-man cart that spotlights exotic franks made from snake and buffalo.

Nearby Central Park hosts a weekly Farmer’s Market and live shows

These new restaurants provide a refreshing change of pace, just like the new option for our morning commute; our downtown location gives us access to Boulder’s Ecopass Program, which grants us unlimited use of the RTD bus system. We at Foraker share the city’s commitment to reduce local traffic congestion and air pollution. Our team is loving the new freedom to read, code, dance, or nap on the way to work. A few of us are braving the brisk winter air by cycling to the office to really start the morning with a burst of energy!

The view of the foothills as you enter downtown Boulder

New Year’s Resolutions

In addition to our improved office, we took some time to think about how we might improve ourselves; for both our clients’ benefit and our own!

Josh Cass, Software Developer

Professional: I want to learn both Elixir and Phoenix.

Personal: Go fishing more!

Jon Evans, Software Developer

Professional: I want to deploy something built in Ember and Phoenix to production.

Personal: Uh, sleep more.

Jeff Cole, Software Developer

Professional: I want to become an Arel wizard.

Personal: I want to swim 200 meters continuously without drowning.

Meg Popovic, Interactive Web Designer

Professional: Get more involved in the Design community in Boulder.

Personal: Make more home cooked meals!

My New Year’s Resolutions

As a newcomer to Boulder, this year I hope to hike to the top of the Foothills to capture some majestic pictures of the city and mountains.

My professional goals for 2016 include finishing the complete website redesign for Spark Boulder that I began during the GiveFirst HackFest. I will also keep improving my coding skills in Ruby, Rails, and Javascript. Together with my coworkers here at Foraker Labs, we will continue to help each other, our clients, and push the boundaries of software design trends in 2016.

Want to join us here in sunny Boulder, Colorado? We are looking for junior Rails developers! You can drop us a line at job-dev@foraker.com.

Feeling inspired to make something fantastic? We would love to make your dream a reality! Tell us about it at https://www.foraker.com/contact-us.

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