How we work

Our Process

We Understand the “Why”

Our job is to provide business value in everything we do. We do this by getting to the root of why our customers are interested in working with us. Why do they feel a need to create a product or improve a service? Why might a partnership with Foraker Labs help?

Prefer Small & Simple

Customers like it when we show progress early and often. We do this by focusing on small pieces of work, and limiting the amount of work in progress at any given time. In doing so, we’re able to respond quickly to changes.


It’s better to do a few things really well than many things half-heartedly. By being selective about what we do, we can ensure that we do it well. We always work on the most important things first. We sweat the small stuff so that we’re proud of every feature. It has to work well, be technically sound, and be beautiful.

Finish What We Start (And Do It Quickly)

Instead of starting a dozen different tasks and leaving them all half-completed, we believe in starting something, finishing it, and then moving on to the next thing.

Don’t Tolerate Duplication

We design and build systems that are well-factored. Our intention is that they will be used and extended for many years. Instead of cobbling things together with twine and duct tape, we take care to make sure the right components can be re-used throughout the system without messy duplication. The result is quality and stability.

Recognize the Value of Face to Face Communication

Sure, we use a lot of different tools to communicate, both internally and externally. But some communication is just easier to do in person or on the phone. We'd prefer to give you a call or sit down together when the situation warrants it.