BehaviorSnap is a multimodal behavior observation tool for iPad created to record the frequency, duration, and function of behaviors of interest.

BehaviorSnap iPad application

The challenge

Creating a digital observation tool

SuperPsyched was founded by two school psychologists who saw an opportunity to upgrade their tools in a digital world. Traditionally, school psychologists use pen and paper, requiring each individual to design an organizational system, secure their data and record it in a consistent format. By moving these activities to the iPad, SuperPsyched saw an oportunity to make the process more reliable, searchable and even a little more fun.


Key features

So we built BehaviorSnap for iOS

When they turned to Foraker Labs, we knew that the system needed to be intuitive, easy-to-use and had to offer great charting and graphs to stand out from the competition. Foraker Labs worked closely with the SuperPsyched team to design a powerful tool that wouldn’t intimidate its users.


Data is stored in standardized formats allowing users to create charts and graphs that help bring to light patterns in the collected data. Students and teachers are easily located via search and their details re-used across observations for easy recall. BehaviorSnap is an example of a full-featured, professional tablet application. Foraker Labs designed and developed the application for iPad running Apple’s iOS operating system.

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Key technologies

Cocoa Touch(Objective-C) · Core Data · Core Animation

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