Brussels & Muscles

Be Colorado is the integrated wellness program of the University of Colorado Health Plan. Looking for ways to keep employees' children healthy, they dreamed up “Brussels & Muscles.” As the name suggests, it’s a program designed to encourage kids ages 5 to 11 to eat healthier and exercise more, and is available to CU Health Plan participants.

The challenge

Creating the ultimate user experience

For the project to be a success, an outstanding user experience was critical. Parents of five to eleven year olds are busy people! And no one has time for another clunky website in their life. Foraker Labs began usability testing on paper prototypes the first week of the project, and continued testing on paper as well as electronically throughout the project.

Be Colorado Brussels & Muscles
Ongoing usability testing led to countless small improvements to the software, and one major course change that greatly impacted the ultimate success of the project for Be Colorado.

Danielle Hult, Project Manager

Cheers to our partners

Foraker Labs worked with Denver firm, Karsh Hagan, to take the playful, illustration-rich branding they created for the project and bring it to life within a web application. Additional project partners included GeoPalz, who make pedometers for kids, and ZisBoomBah, who provides online games and educational materials to help children eat healthier.

Be Colorado Brussels & Muscles

Connecting all the pieces

Foraker Labs’s user-centered agile process resulted in a beautiful, easy-to-use, and highly maintianable Ruby on Rails web application, which launched as a Code Climate perfect 4.0! The application connects to GeoPalz via a secure RESTful API to pull in pedometer step data, which is then graphed over time on the child’s “Scorecard.” Progress toward completion of physical activity goals (defined within GeoPalz by the parent or child) are also viewable on the Scorecard.

Additional APIs connect to ZisBoomBah's servers to automatically create parent and child user accounts for Brussels + Muscles enrollees, manage single sign on for users, and pull data on completion of healthy eating “Adventures” to appear on each child’s Scorecard.

Be Colorado Brussels & Muscles

Easy admin updates

Of course, Be Colorado team members have access to a secure administrative area where they can manage users, update a variety of in-application content and media, and control the availability of the various types and styles of pedometers that can be ordered within the application.

Be Colorado Brussels & Muscles

The result

The result is a fun and informative experience where parents can track their family’s healthy habits, kids can be rewarded for reaching their fitness and nutritional goals, and Be Colorado can know that they are making a difference for CU Health Plan participants.

Key technologies

Ruby on Rails · Javascript · Postgresql · RESTful Web Services

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