Front Row Agile

Front Row Agile is a video training platform designed to delight users wishing to learn agile methodologies and provide agile trainers with a first-class option to publish their content for sale.


The vision

Mike Cohn of Mountain Goat Software is one of the most sought-after Agile trainers in the world. Mike has logged hundreds of thousands of miles trotting around the globe sharing his techniques with companies big and small. Through all of that experience, he saw a problem he could solve, and the concept for Front Row Agile was born. We’re grateful that Mike chose Foraker Labs for his project, and we’ve been proud to work with him in realizing his vision.

Front Row Agile

Making it unique

To make Front Row Agile stand out, we needed to build features that would allow trainers flexibility in how they offer their courses, while at the same time remaining simple for customers. To achieve our goals, we paired a custom Ruby on Rails e-commerce and publishing platform with best-of-breed components from leading providers of functions like video streaming, to ensure a top notch experience.

Front Row Agile

Front Row Agile allows users to purchase courses, watch course content on all of their devices, and participate in quizzes and other class material.

What truly makes this publishing platform shine is how all of the pieces come together in an attention to detail that’s lacking in many of Front Row’s competitors.

Kyle Edson, Software Developer

Front Row Agile
Working with Foraker has been a pleasure. I love that everyone on my team can communicate with Foraker’s programmers without hearing the usual developer jargon that makes working with most programmers so challenging and error-prone.

Mike Cohn, Founder of Mountain Goat Software

Looking ahead

Change is a given in our business. Beyond the original launch, we’ve continued to work with the client to build on our initial success with new tools that bring even more value to users and publishers. We built Front Row Agile in such a way that when Mike decided that he wanted to switch video technology platforms, we were able to complete the transition with a minimal amount of new code.

Key technologies

Ruby on Rails · Backbone.js · Postgresql · RESTful Web Services

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