I-70 Traffic iPhone App

I-70 Traffic for iPhone is a Foraker Labs original product. We did it all in-house: the concept, backend web services, design, iOS implementation, testing, and marketing.

I-70 Traffic iPhone application

The challenge

So, why I-70 Traffic?

Simple: we wanted an app to help us spend more time in the mountains and less time in the car. We love the outdoors but, like most people, we HATE sitting in traffic. In Colorado, we have great access to skiing, biking, hiking and more; but to get to those spots you often have to drive I-70.

I-70 is the primary route between the Denver metro area and the ski areas in and around Vail, CO. They’re some of the most popular outdoor attractions in the United States and that means that the interstate is often congested. Throw in unpredictable weather, rockslides, flat tires and all manner of animals wandering the road and you’ve got a recipe for traffic.

i70 Traffic for iPhone
When we started building the app, we set out to present different types of traffic data in an interface that could be used easily with one hand. The I-70 Traffic UI went through many iterations in those early days as we worked to refine and perfect the experience.

Hunter Hillegas, Director of Technology

We’ve gone native!

I-70 Traffic is fully native, built using UIKit, Objective-C and Swift for iOS. We use frameworks like Core Data, silent push notifications, motion effects, custom transitions, and of course Core Location. The backend is built using Ruby on Rails. Communication between the two systems is encrypted using SSL.

i70 Traffic for iPhone

An iterative workflow

The original 1.0 version of I-70 Traffic shipped to the App Store in October of 2013. Since then, we’ve been busy adding new features like notifications, road alert information, enhanced user feedback, a refreshed visual design to match iOS 7’s UI changes, updates for larger-screened devices, a Today widgit and now, an Apple Watch version.

i70 Traffic for Apple Watch

We’ve been very gratified by the response from users since our launch, and we can’t wait to continue to show our friends and neighbors in the Front Range what we’ve been working on.

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Key technologies

Cocoa Touch · Swift · Ruby on Rails · RESTful Web Services

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