UX Recorder

UX Recorder is an iOS app that records on-screen activity, gestures, user video, and audio. It is intended to replace a document camera for recording user testing sessions of mobile websites.

UX Recorder iOS application

The challenge

Mobile user testing made easy

We design and build mobile web and iOS apps for a variety of audiences, and conduct lots of user testing on mobile devices as a result. Over the years, we’ve used a variety of products to record user testing sessions of our web applications. When testing on mobile devices, however, we were stuck usign expensive document cameras, webcams, or other mobile devices that could record video. It was very difficult to get screen-in-screen video showing the user’s face.

UX Recorder

Key features

Scratching our own itch

  • Records user interactions with websites on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  • Records both user actions (swipes, taps, scrolling) and video of the user via the device’s front-facing camera.
  • Exports recorded sessions to your computer’s desktop via iCloud, Dropbox, iTunes, or Camera Roll.
  • Allows easy pause and resume of session recording.
  • Supports multiple projects to organize testing sessions.
  • Allows multiple sessions within a project.
  • Supports bookmarks for saving website URLs, allowing easy access during testing sessions.
  • Allows bookmark sharing via iCloud.

Download UX Recorder for iPhone and iPad in the App Store

Key technologies

Cocoa Touch(Objective-C) · AVFoundation · Core Data · iCloud

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