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We’re in business just like you - we know how stressful it can be to work on projects with outside vendors, especially when large budgets are involved. You’re worried that a project without the right people might spin out of control and not meet the deadlines and deliverables as it should... and you’re right to be worried.

Foraker is here to help with our group of expert Ruby on Rails developers. Our pragmatic team knows how to build software for you that can scale and adapt as your business changes, communicating with you clearly and regularly to avoid issues with deadlines and deliverables.

Why Use Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails (sometimes just called ’Rails’) is a modern, popular and mature framework for building web applications.

Developers use frameworks like Ruby on Rails so that they don’t have to re-create the smaller components that are common across most software projects. Using Rails saves time and money when developing web applications.

Foraker Labs has been working with Ruby on Rails almost as long as it has been around. For the past decade, we’ve specialized in using Rails as the cornerstone of all of our web application development projects. When you’re looking for US-based Rails experts in Boulder or beyond, we’re ready to help.

Modern, Powerful, Flexible

Ruby on Rails Advantages

Foraker selected Ruby on Rails as our primary web technology because it is modern, powerful and flexible. The designers of the framework took the most successful ideas of the past twenty years in web development and boiled them down to create a set of tools that have helped create billions of dollars in value across a broad range of industries.

Here at Foraker, we’ll use Ruby on Rails to turn your software idea into a beautiful web reality.

And since Ruby on Rails is so popular, when you’re ready to build an internal team and take over development of your successfully launched project, rest assured you’ll find a large talent pool from which you can draw.

Our Plan For Your Success

Our formula for success in building Rails web apps is simple:

  1. Use expert Ruby on Rails developers based in Boulder, CO to write great code
  2. Send weekly status reports and budget updates so there are no surprises
  3. Be available after you launch to support your business into the future

These are the techniques we’ve used again and again to ensure our customers get what they’re looking for, both during the development cycle but also afterwards as you put your new tools to use in the marketplace.

Like to get into the technical nitty gritty? You can read more about Rails in some of our developer blog posts.

These are some examples of Ruby on Rails apps built by Foraker Labs

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