Additional Services

Foraker Labs to the rescue!

If you’ve been experiencing unforeseen issues in your application, have a set of features that are dated or that you’re dissatisfied with, or even just want your team to get some additional training, we’re equipped with the resources to help.

In need of a life boat?

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Rescuing your project

Regardless of the issue, we’ll use our expertise to bring your project up to snuff. A rescue mission will involve identifying the biggest obstacles, auditing the current codebase, and executing a revival plan based on our findings.

Code Audits

Perhaps you’re seeking a second opinion on some existing work, or are concerned about the quality of your code and how it will handle the passing of time and the addition of new features. We’ll examine your source code to identify blind spots and bottlenecks so your application doesn’t turn into a rescue mission right under your nose.

We’re available to present our analyses to your development team to illuminate best practices and architectural strategies that will keep your project on track, and inform your development process moving forward.

Team Training

We spend our days building real apps for customers, giving us the experience to know what works and what doesn’t. Already have a great team but looking for a little help in applying a new technology or adhering to best practices? We’re available to do one-on-one training sessions that pair your team with ours in order to transfer that knowledge effectively.