It’s not “just a big iPhone.”

In fact, custom apps developed for iPad have the potential to tap into capabilities that simply wouldn’t work on devices with smaller screens.

Multi-touch, the near-magical interaction method pioneered for iPhone, has even more potential on iPad. The larger canvas not only allows for more intricate user interfaces, it also makes for more complicated gestures, be it more than one finger at a time or more than one person.

Foraker Labs can put the iPad to work.

One of our iPad development clients, the behavioral psychologists behind BehaviorSnap, asked us to create an app for iPad that would allow them and their colleagues to track student behavior in the classroom. Combining a novel user interface with multi-touch gestures, the iPad app has become a popular and unobtrusive way for school psychologists to capture the environment, without becoming a distraction themselves.

BehaviorSnap also takes advantage of another powerful iPad feature – raw horsepower. The iPad’s CPU is faster and better equipped than what you find on iPhone. That, combined with a large battery, means a single charge lasts all day but without having to compromise performance.

Interested in learning more? Here are a few iOS apps we’ve built.