iOS has grown a lot over the years, but throughout it all, the iPhone remains the king of Apple devices.

We’ve now got a variety of screen sizes, capabilities and features across several models. Creating a killer app means working to invent the future while also carefully considering trade-offs.

At Foraker Labs, we’re expert iPhone app developers, building great pocket-sized experiences that respect a user’s time, privacy, and battery.

In building our own I-70 Traffic iPhone app, we wanted drivers to have up-to-date information about current road conditions. However, polling the network regularly would have killed the battery – the quickest way to a one star review.

To solve the problem, we used a special type of 'silent' notification that told the device when something had changed, allowing it to wake up and download the updated data efficiently.

The result is a great user experience without compromising battery life, and is an example of how we’re able to combine our iPhone app development expertise with server-side chops to take things to the next level.

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