Our process


We can help to take your concept and turn it into reality. We start by holding one or more in-person workshops where we talk about your project from a high-level, work to understand it's goals, and also dig into some details. We love this stuff.

Strategic advice

Across several types of workshops (depending on where you are in the development process), we use our collective decades of experience to offer strategic advice that helps to shape your product into something tangible. Workshops typically unfold over one to five days and include a deep look at the project's goals, a review of who your customers are and how they can best be served, discussion of competitors, and an overview of some of the technology pieces that would likely be involved. This manifests through group discussion as well as working out concepts on the world’s best collaborative tool for meetings: the white board.

Keep It Simple

Outline an MVP

Is every feature you’ve noted absolutely necessary to go to market, or can we save some for later phases? We’ll help you define your Minimum Viable Product, or MVP. This is the smallest piece of software that you could possibly deliver to your users in order to make them happy. The idea is to get the MVP to your users as soon as possible. Then we can use their feedback to make sure that subsequent work has the greatest impact on their experience.

User stories and estimates

As part of the workshop, we write user stories that outline the high-level functionality of your project. User stories are short, simple descriptions of a feature told from the perspective of the person who desires the new capability, usually a user or customer of the system. We’re then able to attach estimates to those stories and give you a sense of the cost and timeline for the MVP. This process also makes it easy for us to put features in priority order, allowing you to fast-track critical items and defer others that may be less time-sensitive.

Through workshopping together, we’ll gain a far deeper understanding of your project and the decisions that will have to be made as it’s brought to market.

Workshops are just one part of our process for building great products and services.